Only One Value


Love is the key

In dealing with our business partners, our customers, our team colleagues and in dealing with ourselves, we attach great importance to a lot of attitudes and behaviors. Open-mindedness, sincerity, authenticity, discipline, empathy, integrity, humility and respect. We have realized that all these attitudes and behaviors can be found in one word: Love.

That's why love is the one value of Webbee. Love is the emotion that guides us every day. We intuitively make good decisions, maintain personal relationships with our customers and naturally develop products that help our customers the most.

Love for our customers

Before we decide to develop products for an industry, we find out whether we feel like working with the people in that industry for the long term. It's like marriage. Once we've made up our minds, every day we'll look at the industry's concerns and try to help them with their problems - even if that means developing completely different products in the future and building on new strengths. We will take care of the concerns of our customer group.

To be able to help our customers in the long term, our motivation is also to generate profit. Only in this way can we hire highly qualified personnel and invest in new technologies, and thereby support our customers even better in the long term.

Love for us and Webbee

Out of love for us and out of love for Webbee we take care of ourselves. We do sports, eat healthy, maintain good interpersonal relationships and do everything that is important for our own well-being. So now and in the future we will achieve top performances and reach the goals of Webbee, as well as our own.

Out of love for Webbee, we think about what Webbee needs to achieve its goals. We reflect on our work and regularly check whether we are doing the right thing and how we can do things even better in the future. Looking ahead, we continue to educate ourselves and learn new things every day. In this way we can achieve Webbee's goals even better in the future.

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