the webbee Story

A story of being bold, making mistakes, learning and success


A lot has happened since the idea behind Webbee was conceived. Again and again we took risks, made mistakes, learned new things and were ultimately delighted about our successes. It was around the end of 2018, when it became clear to us that most of our successes had begun with courageous decisions and that the knowledge we gained on our way made it possible for us to achieve our goals. That is why these principles, which run through our history, have become our guiding principles:

Be bold: trying out new things and taking risks is essential in order to develop ourselves and our projects further, to identify and to seize opportunities. Sometimes ideas sound almost too crazy to try - but these are often exactly the ideas that bring us closer to our goals.
Make mistakes: Whoever is courageous makes mistakes and that is normal. Because this is the case, we view it as positive and as a logical conclusion of good courageous actions.
Learn from mistakes: Only our mistakes show us which paths lead us to our goal and which do not. That is why we deal with our mistakes, try to understand them and learn from them.
Success is then only the logical conclusion!

How it all Developed

Our Story

2015 - The Pieper Project

The foundation stone for Webbee has been laid. As an independent software developer, the founder Tobias implemented his first large software project, from which the idea of Webbee emerged.
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2016 - Tobias' Silicon Valley journey

The idea behind Webbee was born after the failed machine learning startup of the founder Tobias and enough Sillicon-Valley air for the time being: A software modular system with which specialized software can be assembled like Lego bricks.
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2017 - The founders found each other

Tobias found his co-founder Malte. So the two most important skills to build a B2B software company were in the founding team: development and sales.
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2017 - European Horizon 2020 program

The European Union is funding Webbee within the framework of the research and innovation programme HORIZON 2020.
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2017 - Product development WEBSAIL

The next goal was set: Release the first product. The plan was to adapt the program of the sailing school Pieper in 3 months for further boat schools, but everything did not come as planned. In the end it took almost a whole year longer.
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2018 - The first customer

In February 2019 Websail was ready for deployment - at least theoretically. Thus began the migration of the first customer to the software, which was ultimately successful.
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2019 - 10 Customers

After the first customer was migrated to Websail, the next 10 customers were migrated. This challenged the whole team.
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2020 - More than 50 customers & profitable

The game changer: From many specific small branches to the one branch that covers all of them - event providers.
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