2018 - The first customer

2019 -The first Customer is using Websail

In February 2019 more than 10 boat schools had already signed a contract with Webbee, however nobody yet used the program. This was about to change. With the company BOOTSAUSBILDUNG the ideal pilot customer was found, because the owner also owns a software company. The only problem was that the first release of Websail was delayed so much that the owner was already involved in other projects.

At the same time, a large sailing school - the Overschmidt sailing school - was pushing for the migration, as the water sports season was just around the corner. It was clear to the team that the migration process to the Websail software had to start now. Otheriwse, they might lose the sailing school Overschmidt as a customer. Mr. Overschmidt is the author of many of the textbooks used in water sports and consequently his name is known to all boat schools. Accordingly it was important for the Webbee team to be able to count him among the Webbee customers. Up to the water sports season it was still 30 days, up to then everything had to stand. If Websail doesn't work properly, Webbee might have an unsatisfied customer who would also advise other boat schools against Websail. If all goes well, however, Webbee has probably the most influential pilot customer that can be imagined.

The contract with the sailing school Overschmidt was signed and the migration began. It quickly became clear that Websail was not mature enough and would not work without adjustments. Tobias therefore fully and completely immersed himself into the implementation and put everything else on hold. The tension was noticeable every day. Time was short and the ToDo list long. After 30 days the time had come, the Websail software was in use. Websail did not work perfectly in all places, but it worked and the customer was satisfied. Thus the next milestone was reached - Webbee had the first satisfied customer.

How it all developed

Our Story

2015 - The Pieper Project

The foundation stone for Webbee has been laid. As an independent software developer, the founder Tobias implemented his first large software project, from which the idea of Webbee emerged.
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2016 - Tobias' Silicon Valley journey

The idea behind Webbee was born after the failed machine learning startup of the founder Tobias and enough Sillicon-Valley air for the time being: A software modular system with which specialized software can be assembled like Lego bricks.
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2017 - The founders found each other

Tobias found his co-founder Malte. So the two most important skills to build a B2B software company were in the founding team: development and sales.
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2017 - European Horizon 2020 program

The European Union is funding Webbee within the framework of the research and innovation programme HORIZON 2020.
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2017 - Product development WEBSAIL

The next goal was set: Release the first product. The plan was to adapt the program of the sailing school Pieper in 3 months for further boat schools, but everything did not come as planned. In the end it took almost a whole year longer.
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2018 - The first customer

In February 2019 Websail was ready for deployment - at least theoretically. Thus began the migration of the first customer to the software, which was ultimately successful.
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2019 - 10 Customers

After the first customer was migrated to Websail, the next 10 customers were migrated. This challenged the whole team.
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